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FEES for Naming Ceremonies:

$320.00 within 35 klm

of Tuggerah

From $440.00 for Sydney, Newcastle, Hunter Valley,

Nelson Bay, Lake Macquarie

Non refundable Booking

Fee of $140.00

Balance due 14 days prior

To date of Ceremony

Expenses for Rituals at

Expense of parents,

Discussed at interview

Baby Naming

A Naming Ceremony by a Civil Celebrant is not a Baptism or Christening, because such ceremonies are Religious. A ceremony by a Civil Celebrant leaves the child free to make any future religious decisions or values, at a later date, maybe when they have reached teenage days or maturity.

A Naming Ceremony is a celebration, a joyous event, a means of recognizing the important role that parents, grandparents and/or Godparents, Mentors or Spiritual Guardians have in offering their support in the child’s future development and spiritual well being and protection of the child.

This Ceremony is a very special and unique way of celebrating the child’s birth and welcoming into the family and community. It also allows the opportunity to declare, before family and friends, the parents promise to be good parents, as best they can, to teach the child right from wrong, good manners, basic life skills and encourage his/her individuality. It is an opportunity for friends and relatives, chosen by the parents, to openly promise their intentions to offer the child emotional and spiritual guidance and encourage him/her to realize their ambitions and dreams.

A candle can be provided, this can be lit in the Ceremony to signify the light that will guide and protect the child through the journey of life. This candle can be given to the child when it is older, it can be relit on celebrations along the way.

Three Calligraphy Certificates provided: (1) for Parents and (2) for Godparents. There is a small charge of $10 for each additional Certificate. Inclusions in the Ceremony could be Family Tree or Heritage giving full credit to Grandparents, mention of Heirloom dress, signing of a guest book or special note paper to be placed in a time capsule, description of the child’s Zodiac and meaning of the child’s names. Consider Rituals such as Unity Sand Ceremony or Prosperity Bowl Blessing. Inclusion of Verses and music to enhance the Ceremony.

Please phone or email for prices and availability.

Renewal of Marriage Vows

Renewal of Vows is a ceremony for any married couple who wish to reaffirm their love and commitment in a unique and personal ceremony.  It may also be referred to as the “Reaffirmation of Vows”. The importance of this ceremony may follow a ‘rocky’ patch in their marriage, the couple wanting to renew their commitment to each other, a celebration of a particular anniversary of the original wedding day or even a repeat celebration due to an important family member or friend not being in attendance the first time around.

The ceremony will include similar format to your original wedding with readings, poems, vows and rings. Your choice of venue for the Ceremony, this could be in a park, a resort, a restaurant, on a beach or at home.

A Commemorative Certificate is provided which can be signed and witnessed by close family members or friends and the Celebrant.  Renewal of Vows has no Legal consequence so there are no Legal Documents.

Commitment Ceremonies

A Commitment Ceremony can be just as meaningful as a Wedding Ceremony and I provide the couple with a Commemorative Certificate. The format of the ceremony is similar to a wedding but there are no Legal consequences or Documents.

Not all couples wish to marry, or are unable to marry due to religious, cultural or other personal reasons. These ceremonies could be public or private, they are particularly suitable for same sex couples who cannot be legally married in Australia. Persons requesting a Commitment Ceremony are equally sincere in their commitment to each other as any conventional marriage, they find it appealing to gather immediate family and friends to celebrate their relationship.

Your Commitment Ceremony can be tailored to suit the needs of each individual couple. It is YOUR day, the memories should last long after the ceremony is over. In my budget package the following elements are included: Welcome, Vows, Readings, Music, Exchange of Rings, signing and witnessing of Commemorative Certificate, Proclamation of Commitment. Some may wish to include religious verses or pagan rituals, your ceremony can be as traditional and formal as you like, or relaxed and unstructured.

It will be my pleasure to help put you at ease so as to make your special day one of pure joy and happiness.

Funerals & Memorials

As a Funeral Celebrant, Claire is available to work with the Funeral Director of your choice as regards a bereaved family's circumstances, instructions and requests.

"What do I say?" I say what you are unable, due to your grief, to say.  I will speak the words that you wish spoken. I will put together a service based on your requests, I listen to the bereaved family.  My enquiries may lead me to other family members or colleagues who, with your permission, would like to speak as part of the service.

Perhaps a verse, a prayer or even just one short story, sad or amusing, about your loved one, could be supplied by family members even grandchildren.

I will put together a service based on your information. Let there be a celebration of the life of your loved one.

The Ceremony should convey the right mixture of honour, love, regard, humour, hope and personal significance towards this special person in your lives. My duty of care is to ensure that you are all informed and comforted, so that this, while obviously a time of bereavement, can be a time of compassion, respect and concern for all.

FEES for Renewal of Vows:

$440.00 within 35 klm

From Tuggerah

From $540.00 for Sydney,

Newcastle, Hunter Valley,

Nelson Bay, Lake Macquarie

Non-refundable Booking Fee

Of $180.00

Balance due 14 days prior

to Ceremony

Expenses for added Rituals

To be discussed at interview

To be paid for by Client

FEES for Commitments:

$440.00 within 35 klm

From Tuggerah

From $540.00 for Sydney, Newcastle, Hunter Valley, Nelson Bay, Lake Macquarie

Non-refundable Booking Fee

Of $180.00

Balance due 14 days prior

to Ceremony

Expenses for added Rituals

To be discussed at interview

To be paid for by Client

FEES for Funerals:

A Civil Celebrant usually

Works within the

guidelines of the

Funeral Directors.

Should a private booking

take place,

Fees are negotiable.

Prices are GST inclusive

as the threshold

has not been met.

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